Policy & Constitution

Policy & Constitution

Each Scout Group is an independent Trust in its own right [feels a bit like a “franchise” :-)]. As such it must be registered with the Charity Commission, produce audited accounts (posted to the Charity Commission and publicly available on its website). Very importantly, legally, it must be seen to be well managed by a Board of Trustees – that is the Executive Committee of the 5th Farnham (Bourne) Scout Group. 

In order that the committee can perform that role we need a written “framework”.  That is contained in the Constitiution of the 5th Farnham (based on the “model constitution” provided by the Scout Association) and in the Policies we apply (in accordance with the overarching Scouting “Policy, Organisation and Rules” – POR) https://www.scouts.org.uk/por/

In accordance with the need to employ best practice, stay current and  continually improve we have recently updated both our Constitution and Policies.

Download The fifth Farnham Scout Group Policy

Download The fifth Farnham Scout Group Constitution