Covid-19 : May 2021 Update

Here at the 5th Farnham (Bourne) Scout Group, along with all other Scout Groups in the country, we sadly had to pause all face-to-face scouting activities until the change to ‘Amber’ status at the end of March. The Scout Association has monitored the situation and we are back face to face again! We will advise if there is any change in the current advice and interpretation of government guidelines. Each section provided some amazing activities online, with zoom sessions taking place.  It was not a perfect substitute for being together in person, but it allowed our young people to continue to develop Skills for Life in a new and different way! We didn’t let this time go to waste, and our Sections were baking, quizzing, building, learning, slime-ing, and making during the lockdown period.

We are really happy to be back to face-to-face scouting – although outdoors only for the time being. Each section has an updated programme, Risk Assessments and Consent Form for the current guidelines, but we are determined to get all of our young people doing as many fun and adventurous activities together as possible and make the most of this summer term. There are plans afoot for water activity days, group-wide get togethers, day camps and the legendary ‘Fifthfest’ in September.


The restrictions on our activities during 2020 had an impact on our budget for 2020/21. As a Trust the 5th Farnham is required by the Charity Commission to hold a financial reserve. Whilst we are financially operating more normally now than we were during the first lockdown last year, we still have running costs e.g. for Taylor Hall, even without there being any face-to-face Scouting activities possible there. We have had to increase the weekly subs level a little in 2021 to reflect that our revenue has been down but our costs, including capitation costs (paid to the Scouting Association) have remained largely unchanged, and in some areas have unfortunately increased. Clearly the impact on the 5th Farnham finances will be greater the longer the situation endures. We will keep parents informed. We will certainly need to vigorously fund raise (along with many other organisations) and hope that parents will be keen to actively engage in organising and running that effort.  If you have ideas we would love to hear them.

A gentle reminder re Gift Aid: if you haven’t ever filled in a Gift aid form, or ticked the box in OSM please print and sign this form and return (scan/photo) to, or log into your OSM account and update your details.

Every little helps.

Many thanks,

Ian Turton/ Liz Chart

Co-Group Scout Leaders 

May 2021


Policy and Constitution

Dear Parents,

As you are (we hope) aware Scouting is organised as a “federation” led by the Scouting Association. Therefore each Scout Group is an independent Trust in its own right [feels a bit like a “franchise” :-)]. As such it must be registered with the Charity Commission, produce audited accounts (posted to the Charity Commission and publicly available on its website). Very importantly, legally, it must be seen to be well managed by a Board of Trustees – that is the Executive Committee of the 5th Farnham (Bourne) Scout Group. 

In order that the committee can perform that role we need a written “framework”.  That is contained in the Constitiution of the 5th Farnham (based on the “model constitution” provided by the Scout Association) and in the Policies we apply (in accordance with the overarching Scouting “Policy, Organisation and Rules” – POR)

In accordance with the need to employ best practice, stay current and  continually improve we have recently updated both our Constitution and Policies. These documents are posted on our website <here>

The Executive Committee and scouting leadership of the 5th strive to be an exemplar Scout Group that we can ALL be proud of.  To be successful, this needs the commitment of all of us – including you, the parents.  We would ask that :

1) You do carefully read these documents so that you are fully aware of how we operate. If you have comments, questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at

2) Consider joining in and helping us e.g. by joining the Executive Committee, or by leading a small fundraising project. Or by becoming a leader 🙂 If you’d like a ‘no-obligation’ chat about opportunities please email the address above, or ring Ian on 07734325208 or Liz on 07825314136.

Thanks and regards,

The Executive Committee.


How to Camp at Home This Summer

Why not create your own camp at home this summer with your family? Camping is a great family activity and gives you a chance to spend some time together and share challenges and experiences – just what the scouting movement is all about.

Step 1:  A Place to Sleep

Choose a place to create your den, hang your hammock or put up your tent. You can create a place to sleep using a number of items that you’re likely to find lying around your home, from blankets and cushions to boxes and bits of furniture, you might have a hammock; some of you may even have your own tents and garden space to spare. Camping doesn’t have to be outdoors – there is no reason that you’re living room cannot be transformed into a camping site for a night! Persuading your Beavers, Cubs or Scouts that you’re living room camp shouldn’t be permanent may be more of a challenge!

Step 2: Stories Around the Campfire

What is camp without some stories! Stop storytelling becoming a lost art and make up some scary tales as you sit together in the dark. Or share the storytelling as a family and each add to the story to create something really different! No campfire, no problem! If you’re camping inside, why not put out some candles (your Beavers, Cubs or Scouts should be able to light these carefully) to set the campfire mood. If you’re outside, a BBQ works well as a fire, or perhaps you have a chimnea or fire pit? Candles can also work nicely outside but make sure that you find some jars to stop them blowing out in the wind.

Step 3: Camp Grub

Worm stir fry anyone? Not convinced? No – nor us, not unless forced to for survival. That being said, camp is a great opportunity to try some different and new foods. Aim for something that could be cooked in a Dutch oven or over an open fire. How about a delicious chilli con carne or bolognaise sauce?  Or wrap some potatoes in foil and pop them in the embers, the bottom of your BBQ (or the oven if all else fails!). Get the kids involved in the cooking – even young Beavers have all the skills needed to help create some delicious camp grub.

And, what is a camp without marshmallows?!?! Use your candles or fire to give your marshmallows a little browning around the edges! Watch out they get quite hot!

Step 4: Flashlight Finder

Whether you’re camping inside your home or in your back garden, a flashlight treasure hunt is a fun adventure. Wait until its dark hide your treasure and then watch everyone hunt. A good prize could be a delicious snack or just bragging rights!

Step 5: Camp Hike

Why not use your one hour of exercise to fit in a family camp hike? We all love a night hike, but you can go any time of day. Plan your route and see if your Beaver, Cub or Scout can help you navigate your way.

Step 6: Make it your Own

Why not come up with your own at home camp tradition, something that you’ll always remember and you can add to any future camping ‘trips’ either at home or when we can once again explore the great outdoors. We’d love to hear what you come up with!

Don’t forget to send photographs of your camping adventures to and tell us what you’re getting up to! We hope to include a gallery on our website of all of your ‘at home’ summer camps, so let us know if we can include your camping story online. Stay safe and have fun!