Covid-19 : Feb ’21 Update

Here at the 5th Farnham (Bourne) Scout Group, along with all other Scout Groups in the country, we’ve sadly had to pause all face-to-face scouting activities for the time being. The Scout Association is monitoring the situation and will advise when there is any change in the current advice and interpretation of government guidelines. In the meantime, we are continuing our activities online, with zoom sessions for all our Sections taking place.  It is not a perfect substitute for being together in person, but it allows our young people to continue to develop Skills for Life in a new and different way!   We haven’t let this time go to waste, and our Sections have been baking, quizzing, building, learning, sliming, and making during the lockdown period.

We are really looking forward to getting back to face-to-face scouting, and we will do that as soon as we safely can.


The restrictions on our activities during 2020 had an impact on our budget for 2020/21. As a Trust the 5th Farnham is required by the Charity Commission to hold a financial reserve. Whilst we are financially operating more normally now than we were during the first lockdown last year, we still have running costs e.g. for Taylor Hall, even without there being any face-to-face Scouting activities possible there. We have had to increase the weekly subs level a little in 2021 to reflect that our revenue has been down but our costs, including capitation costs (paid to the Scouting Association) have remained largely unchanged, and in some areas have unfortunately increased. Clearly the impact on the 5th Farnham finances will be greater the longer the situation endures. We will keep parents informed. We will certainly need to vigorously fund raise (along with many other organisations) and hope that parents will be keen to actively engage in organising and running that effort.  If you have ideas we would love to hear them.

A gentle reminder re Gift Aid: if you haven’t ever filled in a Gift aid form, or ticked the box in OSM please print and sign this form and return (scan/photo) to, or log into your OSM account and update your details.

Every little helps.

Many thanks,

Ian Turton/ Liz Chart

Co-Group Scout Leaders

February 2021