About Us

Every year 5th Farnham (Bourne) Scouts helps over 200 young people to enjoy new adventures; to experience the outdoors; interact with others, gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We have three Beaver Colonies (ages 6–8), two Cub Packs (ages 8–10½) and three Scout Troops (ages 10½–14). All sessions are lead by our enthusiastic and capable team of volunteers at Taylor Scout Hall, weekly during school term time. Each section runs activities throughout the year. Examples of which are camping, climbing, kayaking, skiing, bushcraft, abseiling, sailing, hiking, crafts & pioneering.

Meet the Team

The people you may not know and what we do:

Executive Committee

Ken Powell: Chairman of the Exec

KPowellKen has held virtually every position available in Scouting. As a child, he was a Cub, Scout, Senior Scout and Queen Scout.

He has been involved at 5th Farnham since 1965, initially as a Scout Leader which he carried out for 25 years, before becoming GSL in the 1980s. He continues with the Group on the Exec Committee. Best Scouting moment: Camps as a Scout Leader and building 15 slalom canoes with Scouts in the 1970’s Worst Scouting moments: Parents calling to complain at 9:30 on a Sunday night

Frances Redman: Group Treasurer

FRedmanFrances was a Brownie and a Guide but first came involved with the Group as a regular helper with her son 12 years ago.  She has been the Group’s Treasurer since March 2008.
Best Scouting moment:  When a scout found £70 inside a book in the Jumble Sale
Worst Scouting moment:  When the books just won’t balance


Megan DevergneMDevergne

As well as sitting on the Group Exec, Megan is the creator and webmaster of the 5th Farnham website. Her flair for design is often used to publicise Group events. Megan was a Brownie and a Guide in the West Country where she grew up.


Isabel CowdryICowdry
Isabel was a Brownie, Guide and Ranger in Hale. She became involved with Scouting with her children and has been on the Executive Committee for the past 5 years. She regularly helps at fundraising events, particularly enjoying the Jumble Sales

Monday Scouts

Matt Jones: Assistant Scout Leader since September 2011MJones
Matt was a Scout with 5th Farnham (Bourne) Scouts and obtained his Queen Scout Award under Ken Powell.
Best Scouting moment: Cooking over a campfire, preferably not when they are cooking themselves!
Worst Scouting moment: Ummmmmm……..tough one! None really!

Garry Owen: Scout Leader since June 2011


Tuesday Scouts

Matt Willis: Assistant Scout Leader since November 2010MWillis

15 years within 5th Farnham (Bourne) Scouts
Matt has been a Beaver, Cub, Scout and Young Leader

Best Scouting moment:  Watching a group of scouts on a tough expedition work well together as a team, supporting those who found it more of a struggle but sticking together as a group and keeping the morale high.  “To me, this is what scouting is all about”.

Duncan Warner: Assistant Scout Leader since April 2012DWarner

Duncan was a Cub, Scout and Venture Scout and has a Chief Scout Award

Best Scouting moment: A group of scouts were uninterested in learning how to do a clove hitch, however to see their pride and joy with their completed efforts half an hour later, made the effort so very worthwhile
Worst Scouting moment:  Frost camp being called off due to snow

Tim Robertson: Assistant Scout Leader since September 2013, although regularly helping since 1998

Tim was a Cub and wanted to go up to Scouts, however his nearest Group was too far away

Clara Benwell: Assistant Scout Leader since March 2011


Thursday Scouts

Andy Burland: Scout Leader since April 2015

Andy was previously a Cub at 5th Farnham (Bourne) Scouts and has recently moved from being a cub leader to become a Scout leader

Best Scouting moment: Standing behind a machine gun at RAF Odiham and being even more excited than the kids
Worst Scouting moment: A 3am bedtime at Cub Camp followed by a 4am wake-up call

Vicky Adams: Assistant Scout Leader since April 2012

Wednesday Cubs (Wolf Cubs)

Akela: Cub Leader

Julia Smith – Baloo: Assistant Cub Leader since March 2012JSmith

Julia was  a Brownie in Aldershot

Best Scouting moment: Cooking Chicken Fajita with cubs as they all enjoyed it so much
Worst Scouting moment: A Young Leader singing “I’ve got a pineapple on my head” for a whole hour on a hike (will name no names!!!)

Austin Wyley:Occasional Helper since May 2011

Austin was a Cub and a Scout in Ireland

Best Scouting moment: Cub Summer Camp where he enjoyed the variety of activities almost as much as the kids
Worst Scouting moment: Austin loves to be outdoors so the wintertime activities can be less appealing

James Sims – Kaa: Assistant Cub Scout Leader since April 2012

Janette Varndell: Assistant Cub Scout Leader since June 2013JVarnell
Janette grew up in Slovakia.  There was no Scout group in her town but she did many similar activities through clubs at school.

Best Scouting moment: Like most Leaders, Janette loves the camps.  The most memorable camp moment was watching the pure enjoyment of the kids faces while rafting
Worst Scouting moment:  It hasn’t happened YET, but Janette is not looking forward to skinning a rabbit in the forthcoming Survival Camp


Thursday Cubs (Tiger Pack)

Sue Croucher – Akela: Cub Leader since May 1992SCroucher

Sue is one of our longest serving Leaders.  When she started the boys still wore caps and the subs were 5p a week, which was collected in one of their caps!  She was a Brownie and Girl Guide locally and as part of her service flash, went down to Cubs in 1976.  Dorothy Beacham (the legendary Arkela at the time) then asked if she would become a Young Leader.  Sue had a short spell of 6 years away from Scouts while she had children until chance had her bumping into Bill Cushen one day in Badshot Lea Garden Centre.  Between him and Ken Powell, she was persuaded her back.  She returned in 1991 and became Arkela in 1992.

Best Scouting moment: Doing the Gang Shows (where the whole Group put on a show for an audience), particularly when the female Leaders dressed and sang as the Spice Girls
Worst Scouting moment: Sneaking off at break time at camp to have a go on the climbing wall only to find out everyone had come over and was watching her slightly nervous attempts

Karen Nockells: Assistant Cub Leader since January 1995KNockells
Karen used to be a Venture Scout in Aldershot.

Best Scouting moment: Sixer and Seconder camps
Worst Scouting moment: The death of fellow Scout Leader, Ken Manners in a car accident

Chris Fish: Cub Scout Sectional Assistant since September 2000 but helping at camps since 1997
Chris was a Cub but there were no Scouts to go up to

Best Scouting moment: Building the Tardis for the Doctor Who Camp.  It was so good a deal was struck for The Bourne Players to use it after.
Worst Scouting moment: Despite blizzard conditions camping in snow in March 2013, Chris was unable to remember a bad moment

Dave Fiddler: Cub Scout Sectional Assistant since March 2004DFiddler
Dave previously was a Cub and Scout

Best Scouting moment: Making bows and arrows at Robin Hood Summer Camp in scorching heat in 2011
Worst Scouting moment: Cooking pancakes on a tin over a candle – they just would not cook.


Monday Beavers (Woodland Colony)

Liz Chart: Beaver Scout Leader since December 2005LChart
Liz was a member of the Girls Brigade in Woking

Best Scouting moment:  Dressing up with Beavers to go up to Bourne Woods to visit the Robin Hood film set.  Liz looked beautiful as Princess Fiona in her dress and hiking boots!  The film crew gave them all a tour.
Worst Scouting moment: While on a Beaver Sleepover and camping outside, Liz’s airbed deflated at 3am leaving her lying on a pile of stones and twigs.  At virtually every Sleepover Liz has attended, someone has been sick.

Sarah Williamson: Assistant Beaver Scout Leader since March 2012
Sarah was unfortunately thrown out of Brownies……before she had even started!  During a trial session, Brown Owl did not think too highly of her sewing skills and recommended for her Mum not to bring her again!

Best Scouting moment:  Every Monday is a best night!  She loves the variation of activities they do, particularly in the summer when they can get out and about more
Worst Scouting moment: On a hike with Beavers, Sarah said to one boy, “Don’t walk into that puddle…………..DON’T walk into that puddle…………..DO NOT walk into that puddle……………..DO NOT WAL…………….”, as he squelched knee deep into the muddy puddle and had to be pulled out of his wellies

Ed Rutherford: Assistant Beaver Scout Leader since August 2013

Richard Myers: Assistant Beaver Scout Leader since May 2013RMyers
Richard was in the CCF (Combined Cadet Force) as a child and attended the same school as Baden Powell.
Best Scouting moment: He was in awe of the impressive climbing tower at Garner’s Field and can’t wait to have a go!
Worst Scouting moment: So far, so good!

Kelly Myers: Assistant Beaver Scout Leader since May 2013


Tuesday Beavers (Riverbank Colony)

Judith Parish: Beaver Scout Leader since December 2000

Previously Judith was a Brownie and Guide in the West Indies where she grew up.  Her Mum was Brown Owl.

Anne Croll: Assistant Beaver Scout Leader

Our Young Leaders

(our under 18s do have names but we are keeping them secret!)

Young Leader IV YoungLeaderivhas been all through Scouting over the previous 9 years as a Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer.
Best Scouting moment: Sleeping in a hammock for the first time at Frost Camp at Garners Field in February
Worst Scouting moment: When his younger brother, one of his Cubs, caught a bigger fish
Husky YoungLeadervIhas been a Young Leader for the previous three months while she undertakes her DoE Bronze Award. She was a Scout for 3 years.
Best Scouting moment: Sitting around a campfire and playing games. She particularly enjoyed Frost Camp at Bentley Copse where the fire was made all the warmer in those conditions!
Worst Scouting moment: Getting lost on her expedition for her Chief Scouts Award where it was extremely frustrating to find they had gone up and over St Martha’s Hill on a ridiculously hot day when they could simply have gone around it

Hawk YoungLeadervhas been helping with Beavers since March 2013 in order to gain his DoE Bronze Award. He was previously a Scout and currently an Explorer.
Best Scouting moment: Being at family camp
Worst Scouting moment: He hasn’t had one yet, long may it last!